Thursday, May 29, 2008

welcome to the lcgs

Welcome to the Lane County Geographical Society's new blog. This is the first attempt at an online forum for this group, and since I do not know how to create or maintain a real website- a blog it shall be for now. Through this medium I hope to provide an online place to post geography related news and events throughout Lane County and to provide a place where information on any events that LCGS activities (including the only current activity of this group, the annual picnic in September) can be disseminated. I encourage you to pass this link on to anyone who is interested, including researchers, government employees, local teachers and students involved in geography. At some point I would like to compile a list-serve for this group. LGCS now has a gmail account complete with email ( Email whomever is running LCGS with questions or events you would like to have posted on this blog or sent out through an email. Please take a moment to send me your email to that address and I will add it to a listserve. Many of the addresses I have are long out of date and this will enable LCGS to reach a wider audience for events.

And who am I? My name is Leslie McLees and I am currently the president of LCGS. I am a second year doctoral student in Geography at the University of Oregon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at the above email address. I look forward to any feedback you have and help in developing a list of geographers in Lane County.